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“Give to yourself before you give to others
and you will have more to give”


Lou-Anne or Gipsyshanti Yoga, is a 500h+ RYT Yoga teacher, specialized in Astro Yoga and emotional guidance through her concept of  « Inward Experiences » .

Travelling the world to find constant new sources of inspiration and to fulfill her thirst for spiritual knowledge, Gipsyshanti has found herself accompanying future yoga teachers in India and Bali and leading multi style classes and workshops in Europe.

Through astrology, chanting and using the energy of the moment, she will guide you into a mystic and authentic practice, in which you will go on a true journey of the self.

Grow your knowledge

Don't miss on astrology, yoga and more

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I’m all over the world, don’t feel stopped by your geographical position, I might be right around the corner :) 

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