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Hey, Namaste, I’m Lou-Anne or Gipsyshanti Yoga.

Cancer 🌞Virgo ↥Sagittarius 🌕

I grew up in France, in a family with multi-cultural and gipsy heritage. While I grew up, my head was often near the Moon, and in my heart I knew that I needed to get closer to the stars. Besides, my mom kept saying « you know I’m a witch right? » and so for me, there was no question that I am one too. Very soon I realized that the Gipsy Witch blood runs deep into my veins and that I needed to go discover the world. This journey across countries and cultures, took me on a journey of the self unraveling my idea of spirituality, my conception of some Higher Powers (even though all and none are welcome here) and esoteric practices. On the other hand, I have always been deeply attracted to nature, strongly felt connected to it and believed in its energy to heal, secure, protect and fill up any of us. This quest of showing humankind how important it is to live in harmony with Mother Earth, first manifested as a career in research to adaptation to climate change in coastal areas (my crabby cancer self hello) and moved towards Yoga. What else is yoga than to Join? Body and Mind, heart and soul, inward and outward, up and down, nature and its people & to build communities together? 


So finally, my journey took me to India, in a little paradise called South Goa, where I not only took my Yoga Teacher Training but fell in love with the Colors of the jungle and the deep blue waters. Sticking around to teach future teachers, I found my path as an emotional guide, creating practices that truly align the body experience with the highest of the mind and the deepest of our souls.


Guiding groups from all over the world, I developed the concept of Yin Yoga Inward Experience, a somatic therapeutic experience of emotional release and introspection. Since then, I've held 2YIE, in TTCs in India, Bali and in workshops in Europe. 

My classes include Hatha, Hatha flow, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. 

With my head on the Moon, heart in the stars and witch compass, I am an astrology facilitator and mainly teaches AstroYoga asana practices in any style (Hatha, vinyasa or yin), inspired by the energy and the transits of the moment. Combining this passion, my esoteric practices and the will to be a holder of safe spaces, a healing guide, it also brings me so much joy to create communities around various circle rituals. 

The Universe is my biggest inspiration, and everyday I chant to it, send my love with the hope that I can pass it from my heart to yours, and help you connect deeper within.  


My classes  have been described by my students as,each time, a Unique experience, an intense practice on the physical or internal world, somehow mystique that always fills you up with sparkling power.


As a teacher, I vow to be an eternal student, to keep on learning, to give my best and purest heart, to keep the flame of passion and eternal source of knowledge lit.


200 h Hatha - Ashtanga - Vinyasa YTT Trimurti Yoga - 2022

Zodiaque Astrology - Vanessa DL & Genevieve Boulet - 2023

300h Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation & Yoga Nidra YTT Trimurti Yoga - 2023

30h Bhakti Yoga and Chanting, Janet Stone Yoga school - 2023

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