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Astro Yoga

What is astro yoga? Quite simply it is using the energy of the moment to develop a practice that feels right. Our energy levels depend on what happens in our day, in our body but also in the sky! 

You don’t believe me? Check out the earth. It’s made of 71% of water, coincidently (i don’t think so ;) ) so is our body, did you see how the moon influences the oceans? Now, you see what I mean! 


“When you open your door to it, magic is everywhere”


Everyday what happens in the sky, and in the nature influences our body, astro yoga will take hints from the astrological transits, nature, the seasons and the moon cycles into a physical practice meant at respecting, acknowledging and uplifting our energy. 

Let me put a little magic into your life ;) 

Practice available for groups, 1o1, or special events (birthdays, bachelorette parties) - all the experiences can be combined and a special package tailor made for you and your event

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