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Are you curious about astrology in general? What It can mean to you and how to use this tool in your daily life to understand more your energy levels, relationship patterns & life path? 

Since the beginning of times, entire civilizations had their heads turned towards the skies to find answers. Architecture, auspicious days, planting crops, finding a partner, everything was built “if the stars aligned”.


With the avenment of monotheistic religions, medicine and technology, Humankind started to have the pragmatic answers they were looking for and stopped looking up, to the bigger picture. 

But it’s not because we have stopped looking that it isn’t there, still playing in the background.


Living on Earth, we still succumb to gravity without even noticing it, we follow the cycles of the Moon and of the Seasons of the Sun and what about all the other planets and systems that make up our solar system? They are still there.. Carefully watching and playing their parts in the mysteries of our Universe.


According to my teacher Vanessa DL "Astrology is a tool for self care and self knowledge"  


Through the understanding of Astrology and your own placements (your birth chart), you will shine lights on patterns & energy cycles that will help you navigate smoothly daily changes, meetings and discover that everything is connected. 


Join Astro’Gâteaux - Group Astrology talks 

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