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Yin Yoga Inward Experiences

Are you holding on to something? Do you feel overwhelmed by repeated anxious thoughts? Do you feel stuck? Like something is blocking your way?  Do you feel like you have lost touch with yourself and what you truly wanted in life? Or do you simply want to relax and connect within? 

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I have created the concept of Yin Yoga Inward Experience, a very specific session of profound and healing Yoga, that will help you find emotional release, overcome blockages (mental, physical or spiritual), reconnect with yourself, find a safe space to let go of stress, anxieties and pain. 


I will guide you in a practice that links physical to psychic release, choosing Asanas (postures) that target psychosomatic blockages while I will transport you in a true journey of the self. Let go to the music and the sound of my voice and embark in this Inward Experience. 


Thanks to my international journey, adapting to different cultures through hypersensitive eyes, I noticed how much, wherever we find ourselves in the world, there is a strong lack of connection to oneself, to the natural movements, of a space that would allow us to truly express our emotions, be vulnerable, let go and release to accept and embody the purest version of ourselves. In a society that looks for hyperproductivity, where anxiety, burnouts multiply, based on building networks rather than true connections, looking outwards rather than inwards. When do we really take a break? Play pause and listen to ourselves? When do we take the time to care for ourselves? To accept & process our emotions? When do we allow ourselves to listen to our profound needs and follow our desires? 


According to my students, each one of my Yin Yoga Inward Experience is a true “journey”, almost mystique, a safety bubble where we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to ask the right questions, to access buried emotions, accept them, deal with them or simply let them go. Coming out of this practice, you will feel free, connected, inspired, aligned and empowered. Take this time for yourself, travel inward and watch yourself bloom.


Yin Yoga Inward Experiences, usually come with a journaling, breathing and meditative practice.

Practice available for groups, or 1o1. This practice can be especially beneficial in a corporate setting for stress and tension relief.

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